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About Mobile Motion Chiropractic

Chiropractic doesn’t make you instantly feel better but makes you instantly heal better!

Dr. Katie with little girlAfter working as an associate chiropractor in an office for a little over a year, Dr. Katie Helfvogt was ready to embark on a new adventure in and around McHenry County and Kane County—providing house call chiropractic care. “My main mission as a house call chiropractor is to build a healthier community by helping my practice members and their families reach their health and wellness goals all within the comfort of their home.”

Helping People Live Healthier Lives

Passionate about providing family and wellness care to a broad spectrum of people from children to pregnant women to seniors. Dr. Katie’s hope for her patients consists of the following:

  • That they can lead a natural lifestyle without any aches or pains
  • That they don’t have to take unnecessary drugs or medication
  • That they can lead the lifestyle that they want to
  • That they are able to reach their health and wellness goals

What Is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is about analyzing the spine and the nervous system to remove any interference that you may be experiencing. When there’s pressure put on a nerve it goes to every muscle, cell, tissue and organ within the body. The brain needs to be able to communicate to these parts of the body so when there’s that interference present it’s not able to do so. By removing the vertebral subluxation it leads to the body being able to heal itself.

Getting You Results Quickly

When she first started practicing, Dr. Katie thought that it was necessary for everyone to have extensive care plans. Now that she’s been in practice for a while she just wants her practice members to be able to see their ailments resolved, whether they’re related to pain, digestion or are neurologically based. “I want them to be able to get back to the life that they want to live,” she says.

Giving You the Time You Need

At one time or another you’ve probably witnessed your doctor reaching for the doorknob to indicate that your appointment is wrapping up. You won’t experience that with Dr. Katie as she wants to dedicate as much time as you need to receive the personalized, high-quality chiropractic that gets better results faster. And because she provides care in your home, there’s no stress involved—only comfortable care.

Getting on the path to living a healthier life can start in the comfort of your home. Contact Dr. Katie today to book a same-day or Saturday/Sunday appointment!

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